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Re: GRUB error 29

Le lundi 26 mai 2008, Debian Linux a écrit :
> Hi,
> I installed the Debian 4.0r2 onto my laptop where Win XP has
> already been there. After the installation, I'm able to boot Debian
> from GRUB menu but not for Win XP and GRUB error 29 is appearing on
> the screen, saying
> error 29: Disk write error
> press any key to continue
> When I follow the above instruction, it brings me back to the GRUB
> boot menu and I lost from there
> Could anyone please diagnose what's wrong with the GRUB
> installation?
> BTW, is there any debian error database around the internet for me
> to find the solution, like Microsoft error db?
> Thanks

Try to set the boot flag for your win partition.

Peter Wollny

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