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Re: Setting up HP Pavilion DV 6458

I wrote:

> > The frustrating thing is, I could buy a USB WiFi device for $20 and it would
> > work.  I'm refusing out of what amounts to sheer stubbornness.

It turns out, though, that I *will* buy a USB WiFi device for $7 and use it. 
Trendnet TEW 424UB, which in my case contains a Realtek 8189.  (They have
used other chips at other times.)  Johnny Cuervo has an unofficial but
effective driver for it, and a Mr. Leung has sent in a patch to update that
driver for 2.6.24.  It works.

If anyone else has a Realtek 8187-9, the driver is here:


So I have to carry another stupid USB device everywhere, but the cost was
minimal.  Maybe someday b43 will support the built-in WiFi.
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