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Re: Boot Order

If you are using the GRUB boot loader, this is easily changed in the /boot/grub/menu.lst file. The option is called "default" and is followed by a number that starts counting at zero. Go to the bottom of the file and count the different options to find out the number for booting Windows XP. Change the number after the "default" option to be the number for Windows. It will boot with the windows choice selected by default. you will have to manually select Linux to boot into it. You may also want to increase the timeout a little to give you time to select Linux.

Iyer, Vish wrote:

A recent installation of Debian 4.0 release 3 and Windows XP-64 bit on a dual boot DELL precision M6300 has resulted in Debian taking precedence in the boot order.

Is there a way we can change the sequence to boot with Windows XP as a default OS? Would it be further possible to halt the system from booting until an order is manually opted? Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.


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