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gnome/hal/dbus Suspend vs. hibernate-ram

My new ThinkPad X300 can suspend just fine if I use the hibernate-ram
command, but the sleep button (Fn+F4 or "Suspend" from
gnome-power-manager) is not able to suspend.  The system starts to
suspend but immediately wakes up again.  What exactly is gnome/dbus/hal
doing when I tell it to suspend?  It seems like hal is what actually
takes care of calling whatever programs are responsible for suspending,
but I can't figure out where it does this or how it's configured.

The X300, btw, is a sweet laptop.  I'd been using a MacBook Air for the
past couple months before trading it in for an upgrade. ;)  (Both
machines are really owned by my employer, but they won't be getting the
X300 back any time soon.)  Etch installed OK, but it needed some newer
drivers than what were available, so I went ahead with the lenny beta
installer.  It might be interesting to try etch-and-a-half at some
point, which might work.


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