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Re: Re: wireless puzzle, Lenovo T60, 2.6.24

Stuart Prescott <debian-expires2007@nanonanonano.net> wrote:

|> This is an increasingly common occurrence as people are migrating
|> from the etch kernel with the horrendously non-free ipw3945 driver
|> to  the shiny new iwlwifi driver that is in the Debian kernels as of
|> 2.6.23.

Thank you very much for this and for the very informative links you
provided. Very much a step in a good and right direction, I agree.

I continue to have some difficulties, though. Even with the renaming
fixed, the ifup script does not work (with wlan0), and I have to go
through the ifconfig, iwconfig. dhclient routine. More seriously, the
link does not survive a suspend-resume cycle (it always did before).

But I imagine that things will improve ...

Thanks again,


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