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Re: Dell 8600, DVD/2d HD hot-pluggable?

A. F. Cano wrote:

> Hi,
> I've looked around but didn't find the answer.  Way back when I first
> installed woody on this laptop, removing the DVD drive locked it up.
> First, from the hardware perspective, would I cause damage by taking
> the DVD, 2d HD or floppy drive in/out of the ultrabay?  Since the above
> experience I haven't dared, but it would be nice to switch drives
> without having to shut down, as I'm always running lots of stuff.
> If no hardware damage, can someone tell me if kernel 2.6.18 can handle
> the insertion/removals? (after unmounting the file systems of course).
> Thanks.
> A.


this is nothing prooved nor scientific, but I can take the DVD reader in and
out without any freeze nor lock on my Dell Latitude D630.



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