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Re: Bluetooth on Dell Inspiron E1505 / 6400

On 11/12/2007, Paolo <oopla@users.sf.net> wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 10, 2007 at 07:15:39PM +0200, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> > I run KDE on my Inspiron E1505/6400 lappy. Is there a program for
> > transferring files to/from a cellphone via bluetooth? Also, can I use
> check for pkgs/apps gammu, wammu
> > a bluetooth headset for skype?
> likely you can use any audio de6vice that's recognised by BT drivers for any
> video/audio app. So the point is to find such a compatible headset (sorry,
> never used one, nor ever used skype).

Thanks. Another list member emailed me personally with information
regarding KMobileTools:
http://bluetooth.kmobiletools.org/ .

This is just what I needed.

Dotan Cohen


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