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Strange hard disk problem

Hi list, 
I have a dell vostro 1400, few months ago i've installed Ubuntu Gutsy because 
my laptop works only with it. 
Today i've retried to install debian lenny/sid with netinst cd and now it 
runs, piix module succesfully works and network interface now works 
out-of-the-box, but partman doesn't recognize the partition on my hard drive, 
but it have 6 partition (2 for recovery, 1 for windows and 3 for linux) and 
ubuntu works fine. 
I like kde rather than gnome and i tried to install kubuntu Gutsy but it have 
the same problem!!!(i've tried both alternate and desktop cd). 

any suggestions?

Thanks to all and sorry for my little english. 

|_|O|_|  Andrea Ferraresi <andrea.ferraresi@gmail.com>
|_|_|O|  KeyFP= CFE7 223E EB7A E729 9675  BA93 5152 C043 3817 D93A 
|O|O|O|  Registered Linux user #388877 and Machine #289399

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