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Re: A105 (and related) success

On Mon, Nov 12, 2007 at 11:52:33AM -0600, Preston Boyington wrote:
> I was wondering what success others have had with this laptop.
> I am running a Toshiba A105-S2101 laptop with a mixture of Testing and
> am very pleased.  i have noticed that in FVWM-Crystal my temp doesn't
> show, but will guess that this is a module i don't have loaded (hints
> appreciated).

use google, there is a very good guide for this, 'FVWM Beginners Guide',
and it's short.

> also my internal modem currently doesn't work, so has anyone figured out
> how to get it going?

Factly speaking, none. As far as I know, it's seems that linux distros
don't support soft modem.

> lastly, i don't know how to map the media buttons to work mplayer (or
> any other program)... anyone know what i need to do about that?

I think media buttons on Toshiba is NOT a key event, so linux can't
capture keycode, the answer is no ;-)

> thanks folks.
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