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sleeping and xfce4 on thinkpad T21


I've just got an older IBM ThinkPad T21.  Suspend to disk and suspend to
RAM works more or less (see other mail), when I just do an 'echo "mem"
> /sys/power/state'.  But when using xfce as Desktop Environment, I
encountered a small Problem when setting it to sleep.

The core of my problem is, that alsa has some problems, when setting the
notebook to sleep (be it suspend to disc or to ram).  When I wakeup my
notebook, alsa is more or less dead.

Therefore I set in /etc/default/alsa
"force_unload_modules_before_suspend" to all.  And if I now run
"/etc/init.d/alsa suspend" before doing the 'echo "mem" >
/sys/power/state' it seems to work.

However:  The "/etc/init.d/alsa suspend" kills processes using alsa,
which includes xfce-mcs-manager.  No big Problem, I can start that again
after resuming my notebook, but isn't there a better solution?

And is there a possibility, so that I don't need to be root (or use
sudo) to send the notebook to sleep?

Yours sincerely,

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