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Help! My trackpad had turned into a tablet!

Back when I got a bluetooth mouse to go with my laptop, I had to add a second mouse section in xorg.conf. So, I had one looking at psaux for my touchpad and another looking at /dev/input/mice for the bluetooth mouse.

Recently, an update to my xorg packages caused every mouse-click to register twice. So, single-clicking on desktop icons launched them (my KDE style is set to require double-clicks) and single-clicking "close" buttons wouldn't work, menus would open and immediately close, etc.

I did some reading and found that, somehow, xorg must be getting my trackpad clicks through psaux AND through /dev/input/mice. The solution, they said, is to ditch the antiquated psaux and just go solely with /dev/input/mice. Okay... good. The single/double click problem is fixed.

NOW... my problem is that my trackpad is behaving like a tablet. By that, I mean that the mouse cursor goes to wherever I touch my finger on the touchpad. If I touch the upper-left corner of the trackpad, then the cursor instantly moves to the upper-left corner of screen. I can then, move the cursor and it follows my finger, but every time I lift my finger and place it again, the cursor "teleports" itself again.

I can only guess that the driver I've been using with my trackpad, "psmouse", is no longer the right one to use.... but I can't find the right substitute on google.

Any ideas? (this is for a Dell Inspiron 8600 using kernel 2.6.22-2)

- Joe

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