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Re: Battery charging problem with connected ethernet

On Thu, 4 Oct 2007 11:06:38 +0100
Stuart Prescott <debian-expires2006@nanonanonano.net> wrote:


> I never did discover exactly what was going on here, but here are some things 
> that might help you that I did find in the course of investigating this 
> problem and a number of other laptop power supply-related problems we have 
> been having with instrumentation in our labs.
> * the power supply in question was a non-genuine one. [0]
> * laptop power supplies are pretty ugly in the electronic sense. They produce 
> amazing amounts of electrical noise in the 50-100kHz range that ends up 
> coming out in all sorts of places where it shouldn't. Non-genuine power 
> supplies are worse than genuine power supplies at this at this too. [1]

By 'non-genuine', do you mean 'not branded by the laptop manufacturer'
or a no-name brand?  I was considering something like this Belkin unit
[0] for my Acer, but your warning is making me nervous!

[0] http://www.buy.com/retail/product.asp?sku=204297559&loc=101

> cheers
> Stuart
> [0] it was purchased from ebay... I should have known better... non-genuine 
> power supplies seem to cause many more problems than the save in cost.
> [1] Looking at 4 genuine power supplies and 5 non-genuine ones that we had 
> available to us, we found significantly more noise coming from the 
> non-genuine power supplies to the point where a couple of non-genuine power 
> supplies for thinkpads just cannot be used any where near our instruments -- 
> don't even plug them into the same wall socket!
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