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Featured Pub: About.com

Dear Nelson, 

This week we depart from our regular coverage to let you know about a
unique opportunity that might be just right for travel writers. 

Read on to find out how you can score a regular writing gig on a topic
you're passionate about -- and get paid to do it. 

Lori Allen
Director, AWAI's Travel Division

October 4, 2007

Featured Publication: About.com 
Website: www.about.com

Become a Travel Guide 
By Roberta Beach Jacobson in Karpathos, Greece

Are you the expert that other people turn to for advice when planning
their vacations, their weekends away, or even just a day-trip to a
nearby town? Are you enthusiastic about your town or region -- and can
you share that enthusiasm with other? 

If so, perhaps you have what it takes to become an About.com Guide. 
About.com is the web's leading provider of practical solutions to
everyday problems. The experts at About.com offer advice on hundreds
of topics, ranging from action movies to great getaways. Some topics
of interest to travel writers would be the many locations around the
country, for which About.com is seeking experts. 

The best part is that you'd be covering an area you know and enjoy.
This is a great place to share your expertise with others. Plus it's
certainly credibility building -- something you'd want to let editors
know about when you query them with your article ideas (read: clearly
you're a pro, or you wouldn't have this regular gig). What's more,
with a guaranteed outlet for your stories, you'll be in a strong
position to land spots on press trips, too. 

Current topics available (that is, looking for guides) include
Louisville, KY, Senior Travel, UK Long-Haul Holidays/Travel, Miami for
Visitors, El Paso, TX, and the list goes on and on. You can browse... 

(continued below...)


Photographs Sell Articles -- It's True!

Want to increases your chances of making a sale?  It's a fact that
editors are looking for complete photo/text packages.  Learn how to
shoot professional-quality photographs with your point-and-shoot

Here's how: http://www.thephotographerslife.com/phc/letushelp


through it at: http://beaguide.about.com/topics.htm

As a guide, you must -- 

** 1) have a passion for your topic, 
** 2) be familiar with HTML code, 
** 3) publish (at a minimum) two full-length articles on your topic
every two weeks, and 
** 4) post regular updates to your blog site. 

The most successful guides also maintain a directory of the best
content within their chosen topic and serve as community leaders in
the About.com discussion forums. 

To get an idea what is required to be successful as a destination
guide, take a look at a sample guide site for Cleveland, OH at: 

To get started as a guide, you choose a topic from the list of topics
that are currently available. Then you apply online at:
http://beaguide.about.com/applynow.htm. You'll be asked to submit a
writing sample relevant to the topic you choose, and you'll also be
asked to share your relevant experience that shows you're qualified
for the job. 

If your application is successful, you'll begin a 17-day online
training program called "prep". You'll find all the details here:

When you successfully complete "prep" and your site goes live, you are
guaranteed to make at least $725 per month -- and it's likely that you
will make much more than that over time. Compensation is based on page
views. The more people you attract to your site, the more you get

All About.com guides are freelancers who work online and set their own
schedules. As a travel writer you'll have the flexibility to log on
from anywhere in the world whenever you have the time.

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Somebody who won't just catch typos, but really give you some insider
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