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Automount of USB hard drive and iPod broken


I'm using lenny/testing and the automount feature of udev/HAL is broken
for over a week now. Any USB drive I plug in (HD, iPod) is recognized by
udev (through udevmonitor) and HAL (lshal -m), but not auto-mounted
anymore. Haven't tried optical devices or thumb drives. The device nodes
are created alright by udev.

gnome-volume-manager is still configured to auto-mount. /var/log/syslog
lacks the line

    hald: mounted /dev/sda1 on behalf of uid 1000

that I used to get.

I can't find any relevant package changes in /var/log/aptitude. I've
attached the debug output of a foreground hal. Please see also

Relevant package versions:

$ apt-show-versions | egrep "(udev|hal|dbus)" | egrep -v
"(python|strigi)" | sort
dbus/testing uptodate 1.1.1-3
dbus-x11/testing uptodate 1.1.1-3
hal-device-manager/testing uptodate
hal-info/testing uptodate 20070618-1
hal/testing uptodate
libdbus-1-3/testing uptodate 1.1.1-3
libdbus-1-dev/testing uptodate 1.1.1-3
libdbus-glib-1-2/testing uptodate 0.74-1
libhal1/testing uptodate
libhal-storage1/testing uptodate
libndesk-dbus1.0-cil/testing uptodate 0.4.2-1
libndesk-dbus-glib1.0-cil/testing uptodate 0.3-2
udev/testing uptodate 0.114-2

I appreciate any debugging hints for this. Please CC me as I'm not on
the list.


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