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Re: system time

On Fri, 07 Sep 2007, Ralph Plawetzki wrote:

> Well, this is a good idea to not have different times in the two 
> operating systems on a dual boot machine, but leads to incorrect 
> interpretation of time-sent stamps in e-mails. The MUA will show time 
> stamps that differ the amount of time the set UTC on the machine differs 
> from the real UTC.
> Unfortunately I've got no solution for this problem on dual boot machines.


_every_ user can have its on timezone. And how timestamps look in mails is
defined in one of the many RFCs, and has really (on linux) _nothing_ todo
with the BIOS time, or System-Default-Timezone.

If you send mails, and the timezone is incorrect, then simply set the correct
timezone in KDE/Gnome/...or LC_TIME

and to repeat:

	Time in an running Linux, has _nothing_ todo with your BIOS clock.

Florian Reitmeir

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