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Re: Temporary files directory

daniele pendenza wrote:
Hi all,

currently I have a system-wide tmp directory, that has its own partition - let's name it K - on the disk. The K size is 1.5 GB. Unfortunately I found that it is too small for my purposes because it is used as a working directory of many programs -including the file roller.
- What size do you recommend for a desktop system ?
It really depends of your usage. I recommend not having /tmp in a separate partition
(but share space with / & /var) on a desktop or a laptop.
Otherwise, spoil a lot of space for /tmp (eg 5 to 10Gb).

- Is it possible to redirect the actual temporary directory to another directory ? I mean tell the system to use another temporary directory - not the /tmp ?

tempnam(3) and other programs uses the TMPDIR environment variable.
But some functions/programs don't use it.

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