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Re: etch on latitude

I have etch on a latitude D610 (upgraded from Sarge).
Most is ok.

I had difficulties with the WiFi because the firmware were not at the
right place on the disk (probably because of a major change around
hotplug/udev). I obtained the last firmware from Intel (ipw2200), which
had to be in /lib/firmware. Works well now.

Also difficulties with the configuration of the xorg.conf file, still
unable to manage clicks on the touchpad.

And one problem with cpu_frequency. A device is not found (I still do
not know what should be found!):
FATAL: Error inserting acpi_cpufreq
No such device

Good luck.

roberto a écrit :
> hello
> i currently use debian 3.1 on latitude d600 and i'd like to know if
> anyone has successfully upgraded to debian 4.0 on this or similar
> systems
> i plan to do it as soon as possible

Jean-Marie Mouchel

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