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Re: How to compile kernel with high memory support?

> Hello world,
> How to compile kernel with high memory supports?
> I am using debian sarge on Acer 3684WXCi with memory upgrade to 2GB.

Hmm... all the stock <foo>-686 Debian kernels I've used in the last year or
so supported 3GB (out of the 4GB in my machine).
If you need more than 3GB, you need to the <foo>-686-bigmem kernels.

> The other problem is Fn key to activate VGA to Projector not work.
> and ethernet card is not work. Also WiFi, Webcam and Bluetooth.

What have you tried to do to make them work, as of now?
Have you checked on www.tuxmobil.org for other people's reports on
installing GNU/Linux on a 3684WXCi?


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