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Re: How to compile kernel with high memory support?

Sandi Sufiandi(sandi.sufiandi@gmail.com) is reported to have said:
> Hello world,

Hello Sandi

> How to compile kernel with high memory supports?

Chapter 7 - debian-reference

> I am using debian sarge on Acer 3684WXCi with memory upgrade to 2GB.
> The other problem is Fn key to activate VGA to Projector not work.
> and ethernet card is not work. Also WiFi, Webcam and Bluetooth.

You might get more help on the debian-laptop mailing list.
Please do not cross-post though

> I am using internet connection through usb cable modem.
> please help me to use my laptop feature in maximum condition.
> Especially for my 2GB installed Memory

It would help if you told us which version of Debian, if any, you are

I would suggest that if you are running Debian, you install the
debian-reference package.  Reading through that might give you some
insight as to what you need to do to attempt to fix your problems.


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in than some that do.
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