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how to change Backlight-Brightness

Hi Users

i have a HP pavilion dv9294ea Notebook with Nvidia geforce go 7600
inside. I installed debian testing (actual) on it and it works fine.
But one problem is, the key to change backlight-brightness don't work.
If the notebook is powered from grid, then the light is full brightness,
and if it's powered from accu, the light is very weak (I think the

I have the nvidia driver from aptitude and all works find (also opengl).
Also the newest nvidia-driver from their homepage don't work the
backlight. I tried also "nvclock -S xx". But, the output say, i changed
the value to xx, but nothing changed real on the display.

Has onyone the same problem or possible a solution for this problem?

I don't know where to start debugging...

Thanks a lot for all ideas and help.

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