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Re: Recommended Maintenance Laptop (IBM/Lenovo)

Hi Michelle

> Now I like to buy a new Lenovo Laptop maybe in the size of a R60 but I do
> not know which one...

TP60 is small and light with good SXGA (1400 × 1050)
> 1)  6 parallel installations

That's only a question of HD space isn't it.

> 2)  WaveLAN a+b+g  ("a" IS required) => prefered MiniPCI

standard today, i guess
good laptops today also have a gigbit eth

> 3)  Many USB-Ports

forget it, use a hub
if you really plug lot stuff get an active one (with AC)

> 4)  2 x PCMCIA/Cardbus

standard 2

> 5)  >= 512 MByte of memory

no problem. For dualcore, get 2x1G if you can to enable dual channel mode

> 6)  very long runtime

you can get 7,5h batteries from IBM

> 8)  HDD >= 120 GByte

should be no problem

> 9)  Must serv as local Debian Mirror for Etch+Security

Laptops tend to have only one ether cable plug but you can't expect more.
You know the options.

> 10) tftpd server with a bunch of images for "mips", "sparc" and "arm"

If you really need to run all that offline.
Consider external USB or firewire HD.
The 'smart' ones don't need an extra power supply but are somewhere below 200G (iirr)

> 11) Maybe under 1200 Euro

Ridiculous :) but if you have good friends.

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