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Re: bugs

On Sun, Mar 25, 2007 at 10:56:38PM +0200, lit3518@iperbole.bologna.it wrote:
> I note this bugs on my toshiba a110-232:
> -the sistem time is ever one hour less than the correct time.

set it to the correct time ;)

> -with the touchpad the movement of the cursor is very short.

check your X/windowmanager configuration, check xset, maybe try/install gxset.

> -I have a cordless mouse (logitech multimedia cordless mouse) the indicator of

no clues - maybe the remote batt.status is unsupported by the driver.

> Why not thinking at one project for a cd live installation with a tool for a

check http://live.debian.net

> Why not installing default either gnome and kde in the same installation option
> like suse and thinking at the open office 2.1?

not all would be happy - I for one wouldn't install either one.


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