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B, Bipolar Lesson: David Oliver Wins Fight Using Sneaky Trick

Hi B,

Yesterday I got into a fight. No I didn't get into
a fist fight. I got into a fight with Microsoft
Outlook. That's the program I use to send my
personal and business emails.

Well, since I save EVERY single email that I get
that isn't junk, I have a lot of emails in my

Yesterday I went to use my outlook and a message
said that I had exceeded my limit and something
bad was going to happen. I panicked. I didn't
know what to do. 

I had a million things to do so I didn't 
want to fight with outlook. I opened the program
again hoping it would fix itself like magic.

It didn't. Then I was in a fight with outlook
and I was losing.

So, I made a decision. I called someone way
better with computers than me. I paid the person
to type up EXACT instructions on what to do.

I got the instruction back very quickly. For
this person this was a joke of a problem. For
me it was a big problem.

I followed the step by step, even a monkey could
do it, instructions and my outlook was fixed.

I couldn't believe how easy it was when I knew
what I was doing.

I won the fight using a sneaky tactic you should
be using with bipolar disorder--get information

As you know, I have courses and systems:




I want you to know, I am not going to push them
on you. BUT, what I am going to push you to do
is get information fast. Sound like that doesn't
make sense?

Well if you don't need or want to get my information
and you can get the information you need fast and even
for f.r.e.e then do it. My goal with this 
is to help you. It's not to make tons of money.

I know that might sound like a lie. But
it isn't. I started this to help people. For 
some really strange reason, I really enjoy
doing this. More than consulting for private 
equity funds, more than selling health and nutrition
supplements, more than doing the other things
that I do. 

But I will say this, there are a number of people
on my list that are in SERIOUS TROUBLE. Why?
Well they are taking way too long to figure out 
what to do. For some reason, if it's cancer, a stroke,
etc, there is a MAD RUSH to get information, but 
with bipolar disorder, some people take the "slow
boat to China." 

I don't know why there's no urgency or seriousness?
Even my own dad, to this dad really never "tried"
hard to figure anything out about my dad. 

In 30 years, here's my dad

Never went to the library
Went to one support group meeting
Spoke with two doctors
Never bought a book, tape, manual, etc on bipolar disorder
Never looked for anyone with bipolar disorder who was
successful to speak to and learn from
Never contacted any therapists
Never setup up any systems for my mom.

My dad would say it was a problem and "something" had
to be done but he just never got around to it. And then
in 2004, I took over. And the results speak for themselves.

Everyone should be taking MASSIVE action to get the information
they need right away and not doing this over many months or worse,

WARNING! You know, you find in life, there are people
who are getting ready to get started, to get ready, to
get set, to get started, to get ready, to go. I hope
that's not you?

People are full of excuses why they aren't taking action
to learn what they need to. This is a SERIOUS ILLNESS
like other serious illnesses.

When being a supporter of someone with bipolar disorder,
I see this all the time. Someone posted on my blog,
they are a "5 year" bipolar researcher. I was thinking:

a) why are you researching for 5 years? 

b) this person is a slow researcher

c) How much time has been wasted when the process could have
been sped up. 5 years is a long time for someone who is not a doctor.

d) I wonder if this person is a success...unfortunately I doubt it. Like
so many friends I know who have been "researching" how to start a business
or how to write a book for years and years on end. Guess what? These
friends have not accomplished one thing. BUT, they have lots of reasons
why they haven't.

Again, there are plenty of people on my list that have been "researching"
bipolar disorder for so many years. I have spoken to many, and most
aren't successful. 

Don't become one of these people that can't move forward with yourself
or your loved one because you are slowly researching and years are
passing you by.

I could have spent weeks fighting with Microsoft Outlook to 
figure out how to fix the program to use it. In the process, 
of not having a clue, I could have done something and deleted
all my emails. Who knows? Lots of people handle bipolar like this.

I am all for continuously learning, but in these cases, these people
aren't learning continuously, they are still trying to figure
out the basics after so many years. It's amazing to me.

Do whatever it takes to short cut your learning curve, just like
I did with beating Microsoft Outlook. 

I told my friend what happen.  He said he would NEVER EVER pay 
someone to explain a program to him. My friend
unfortunately has many problems in his life that he is always
working on. Some for 12 years.

You aren't getting any younger. With bipolar disorder, before
you know it, years and decades can pass by and you are no
further ahead.

Make sense? Hope so. Have to run.



Your Friend,


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