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Re: Streaming video over SMB in KDE?


On Son, 18 Mär 2007, Joe Emenaker wrote:

> I'm trying to view videos on a SMB share on another machine.
> After navigating to the share with Konqueror (using the smb:// url), I 
> can right-click on any video and select "Open with..." and select a 
> variety of players: noatun, kaboodle, kmplayer, VLC, xine, etc. However, 
> none of them seem to work, except for VLC. Furthermore, VLC downloads 
> the entire file to a tempfile before playing it, which seems an 
> unnecessary delay.
> All of the solutions I've found on Google involve mounting the share to 
> the filesystem. I'd like to avoid this for several reasons. First, 
> Windows doesn't have to do this, so I think Linux should be able to as 
> well. Secondly, I sometimes want to play media from a variety of shares, 
> and, being on a laptop that I take to places, they're not all available 
> at the same time. I don't want to have to have a handful of 
> mountpoints,  and and have to manage which ones need to be mounted at 
> any given time. Lastly, I've noticed that, if I have a share mounted, 
> and then I suspend my laptop and take it someplace else, and then wake 
> it at someplace from where I can't get to that share anymore, it causes 
> Konqueror to just lock up for a couple of minutes.

> If you can offer a mounting solution that avoids all of those problems, 
> then I might pursue that avenue. Otherwise, I don't see why there isn't 
> a player that can stream over SMB (or any other network protocol). Isn't 
> VLC supposed to understand network streaming? Is there a change I need 
> to make to KDE to get it to pass the URL of the file instead of 
> downloading the file locally?

> Lastly, if KDE is downloading the file locally, why don't noatun, 
> kmplayer, and kaboodle working with it. From watching the network 
> traffic, I can tell that KDE is downloading the file (just like with 
> VLC) but, with VLC, I see a little download progress bar as the file 
> downloads, then it finishes, then VLC gets launched. With the others, 
> the player gets launched immediately, doesn't play anything, and then I 
> see the network traffic. Anybody know why?

first.. its always a goot idea to post a mail per problem.

The problem you encountered is, the KDE-Filesystem, there is also a
Gnome-Filesystem (KDE-VFS vs. Gnome-VFS) both filesystems have the annoying
feature, that only PURE Kde/Gnome programs work with them like a real
filesystem. All other applications are "simulated" that means .. copy the
file to a local tmp-dir and then .. play/edit/..

For KDE and windows-shares try, smb4k, its a fine tool which mounts the
filesystem nativ, but has a nice browser and hides the whole mounting thing.

Florian Reitmeir

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