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ndiswrapper does not unload

I'm trying to customize my network configuration on my HP Compaq
nx6325. I'm using ndiswrapper for my broadcom card, and I'm trying to
get wireless roaming working with ifplugd, guessnet and wpasupplicant.
Right now, I'm trying to configure ifplugd with my own custom action
script (see attachment).

I would like for ifplugd to switch to the wired ethernet port
automatically if it is plugged in, de-configuring the wireless and
removing the driver from the kernel to turn the antenna off. I cannot
turn the antenna off using the push button above the keyboard.

My script (my.action) appears to work when the ethernet port is
plugged in; however, the kernel reloads ndiswrapper right after my
script unloads it. So I cannot get the script to turn off the antenna
as I would like. I remove the module from the kernel from the command
line, and it reloads it automatically.

ndiswrapper is in /etc/modules. I also have an init script that is
meant to manually unload the driver at shutdown. There were problems
with this model unloading the module properly on shutdown causing
reboot problems. So this is why I wrote this script and set it to
start and stop at appropriate runlevels.

Any ideas what might be causing it to automatically reload the module?


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