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Re: Anybody using a Dell Inspiron 8500/8600 with the ATI card?

> Nothing has worked.
Did anybody try the 'hibernate' package ?
It has several options like restoring VBE state, or switch to console 
before suspend. There's also some options in /etc/default/acpi.
Packages: acpi-support, acpitool, vbetool.

You may try to compile rc kernel from kernel.org with 
suspend2.net patch, for hibernation to disk.

> 1 - Can the ATI drive the 1920x1200 WUXGA screen that I've got? The ones 
> I see on eBay are all 32MB cards, and I'm not sure what the RAM is on my

grep VideoRAM /var/log/Xorg*log 

32M is few with your high resolution, even with only 16bit depth,
it will be damm slow for any (web-) multimedia operations. 
I guess you also will be able to watch movies, with that display. 
I'd go for at least 64M, better 128. YMMV.

> 2 - Are you able to use suspend-to-ram and wake it and get the screen back?

I use fglrx driver for atix1300, and closing the lid -> suspend2 to disk from a full 
running desktop session (audio, services like NFS mounts and Samba) works well.


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