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Re: T42p, Etch and Beryl/Compiz

Le 13551ième jour après Epoch,
Florian Reitmeir écrivait:

> On Mit, 07 Feb 2007, François TOURDE wrote:
>> I'm trying to run Compiz/Beryl on my T42p, but nothing works.
> As always, nothing is a nice word but _not_ very useful in an error

Yes, you're right :) ... I'll try to be more descriptive:

>From a gnome session terminal, I launch "compiz --replace" or
"beryl-manager". Then alldecorations disapears (title, scrollers,
etc...), the mouse is alive, but no actions. Mouse pointer disapears
within the terminal window, but is present elsewhere.

> What did you expect?

hum... A 3D workspace ?

Using other builds of Beryl, I can obtain the following message:

Checking for non power of two texture support   : failed

Support for non power of two textures missing

all previous checks were correct (XComposite, RandR, etc...).

using glxinfo, I can have direct rendering on or off, depending of the
following section in xorg.conf:

Section "Extensions"
  Option "Composite" "Enable"

with it: rendering off
without: rendering on

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