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Debian will not detect IDE drive

Hi there

Hope someone can help me with this
I am trying to install Debian 3.1 in a SONY VAIO laptop machine
(VGN-770G). I've been able to boot from a DVD and start the
installation process, however, when debian is first detecting hardware,
I will get the following error:

"Linux kernel modules needed to drive some of your hardware are not
available yet. Simply proceeding with the install may make these
modules available later.

The unavailable modules, and the devices that need them are:
ide-scsi(Linux IDE-SCSI emulation layer), ide-mod(Linux IDE driver),
ide-prob-mod(Linux IDE probe driver), ide-detect(Linux IDE detection),
ide-floppy(Linux IDE floppy)."

I believe these modules are related to the hard drive, so, if I try to
continue with the installation process (which is actually partition the
disc) as suggested by the error message I won't be able to do it and be
forced to abort installation............

What can I do?? Is there a patch for this somewhere? or Should I try to
install a
different debian release??

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