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toshiba and lg laptops

Hi. There is a common problem i encounter generally. The problem is mainly 
about Toshiba laptops. When i try to install Debian from sarge netinstall cd, 
i had to start installation with kernel 2.4 because with the 2.6 kernel 
mainly the installation system is not able to detect hard disk. 

Today I was trying to install Debian to a Toshiba Tecra (i think A3). The 
problem was the undetected ethernet. It has a Marvell Yukon 88E8053 PCI-E 
Giagbit ethernet. What i do generally is to start installation from 
netinstall cd and then dist-upgrade to unstable after the base system 
installation. This time at the screen that asks installation location i 
choosed CD and used the unstable DVDs that i downloaded from 
ftp://ftp.fsn.hu/pub/CDROM-Images/debian-unofficial/sid-dvd/ via jigdo. 

I am aware of the situation of using unstable but till now it worked quiete 

After the installation system read the dvds i decided to upgrade the kernel, 
because it was 2.4. So i installed 2.6.15. The grub started with the wrong 
disk pointers, it was saying hda3. I changed it to sda3, but this time the 
location of CD had gone. I checked the dmesg output and couldnt see anything 
related with CD. I can open the system now with 2.4 kernel and continue 
installation but i need ethernet anyway. 

I checked the sites related with marvell yukon. It seems i have to download 
its driver from the site and install it. Thats what i will do. 

The question is if i had used testing DVD's during the installation, will i 
have such problems?

The same problem was with an LG laptop today. The installation didnt detect 
Tomorrow i wil try to install the ethernet driver. If i could, then i can 
continue the installation from internet with the updated packages. Eitherwise 
i am planning to download the unstable iso from the site again or maybe try 
the official testing dvds. 

I am quiete happy with unstable thats why i never tried testing. Only once, 
than i changed to unstable. 
Oğuz Yarımtepe
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