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Re: Shutdown my Laptop? Why should I?

Derek Broughton wrote:

Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:

Sean Perry on Thursday 13 Jul 2006 01:37 wrote:

That said, most laptop batteries degrade performance significantly if
left plugged into the mains 24/7. So only plug in for refills.
That's scary.

I've been using my laptop 24/7 plugged into the mains.

Can you refer me to some documentation which details about it ?

I'm not sure how "significant" the degradation is.  I almost never use my
battery, but I leave it in, even when plugged in.  It's down to about a 1hr
charge (originally 3) after 2 years.  But I've been told best practices
won't give you much more than a 3 year life span, anyway.
The user manual of my laptop (Toshiba A10) states I should decharge the battery every month. Unfortunately, I was ignoring this warning. Now, after three years of "desktop usage", I can get about one to two minutes out of it.... So scary indeed! I haven't tried it myself, but is it possible to plug into mains with the battery removed?


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