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Re: Re: ALSA Problem

This controller should be supported by the snd-atiixp module. Try to
load the module (as root) with

modprobe snd-atiixp

 Unfortunately, etc/dsp didnt appeared .....

If that works you can check if /dev/dsp was created. If not you can try

invoke-rc.d alsa reload
invoke-rc.d alsa-utils restart

after typing the last line,  the  following error message appeared:
 invoke-rc.d: unknown initscript, /etc/init.d/alsa-utils not found.

and see if that helps. If you are not successful you should post the
error messages here; also check for new entries related to sound and
udev in /var/log/syslog.

No log for udev or sound ....

If you do get /dev/dsp you can restart KDE and see if the error message
is gone. Then you can try your sound at "K-Menu > Control Center > Sound
& Multimedia > Sound System" with the "Test Sound" button. This is also
the place to check if the sound system is enabled and the audio device
is set to "Advanced Linux Sound Architecture" (in the "Hardware" tab).
If everything seems fine (no errors) but you still can't hear anything
it might be due to the volume being set to zero. Open a Konsole window
and use "alsamixer" to check.

What else could it be?

Thanks, though.

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