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Re: SOLVED: ALSA sound lost in KDE after going to kernel 2.6.15

Joe Emenaker wrote:
In other words, any time KDE is run, ALSA will be broken (both in KDE and from a console if I kill kdm) until alsaconf is run (either from a Konsole window or from a text console).
Okay, I've tracked the problem down a little more. It appears that the Alsa mixer gets all of its levels (except the master volume) reset to zero and muted when KDE runs. I've checked the levels with both the alsamixer console app and also with KMix and they both have all of the mixer channels at zero.

This happens even though I've adjusted the volumes properly and then saved the levels with "alsactl store"

I've worked around the problem by going to the KMix configuration and turning off "Restore volumes on login", but I don't understand why it wasn't *saving* the old volumes from the last session. Does that only happen if I do a "Save Session" in the "K Menu"?

- Joe

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