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Battery granularity problem


  debian detlev # cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/info
  present:                 yes
  design capacity:         4000 mAh
  last full capacity:      3456 mAh
  battery technology:      rechargeable
  design voltage:          14800 mV
  design capacity warning: 420 mAh
  design capacity low:     156 mAh
* capacity granularity 1:  264 mAh
* capacity granularity 2:  3780 mAh 
  model number:            GC86508SAT0
  serial number:
  battery type:            Li-Ion 
  OEM info:                SANYO

I think that I have a problem with the granularity... My laptop is an Acer 
Aspire 1674wlmi

I had to give the kernel (2.6.12) a correct dsdt to have informations about my 

Is it normal that I have BAT1 instead of BAT0 ?

Good afternoon.


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