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Re: Multiple Network Configurations

On Monday 12 December 2005 19:12, Koen Vermeer wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-12-12 at 17:14 +0100, Christof Hurschler wrote:
> > I have a laptop that is used in a wireless environment with WEP at home,
> > and in a wire ethernet static configuration at work with a http-proxy
> > server. I'd like to be able to use it in both environments without having
> > to edit any configuration files.
> I'm happily running ifplugd. What it does is it monitors your network
> adapters, and if a network is available (cable plugged in,
> authentication succeeded), it does an ifup for that interface. I use it
> with wpasupplicant, but I guess that if you only use WEP, there's no
> need to do that.
> So, what I would do is first setup /etc/network/interfaces such that you
> can ifup either interface. If that works, meaning that everything is
> configured correctly, you install ifplugd and let it manage the
> interfaces.
> If you encounter any problems, let us know!
> Koen

I didn't know ifplugd would work with a WLAN interface.  I'll give it a try.



C. Hurschler

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