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Sarge netinstall

I have this ISO image:

I expected it to do straight Sarge/stable installs.  But, it puts 
"testing" in etc/apt/sources.list and it seems, after the basic CD 
install is done, to install Etch/testing stuff.  Can someone explain 
what is going on to me?

Moving on to a "testing" install on a Dell Latitude C600, I had sound 
working until I started installing Gnome stuff.  Then, it stopped.  One 
of the sound apps suggested trying running "esd".  Here is what I get:
willie@sarge-dell:~$ esd
/dev/dsp: Resource temporarily unavailable
More help?  Sound didn't give me any trouble on previous Ubuntu 5.04 
and 5.10 installs on the same hardware.

Also, the pointer sometimes works well and sometimes floats around on 
its own and sometimes goes on its own to a corner.  The pointer gave 
less trouble on the Ubuntu installs.

To get full display resolution, I had to copy /etc/X11/xorg.conf over 
from a running Ubuntu 5.10 "live".  Can someone tell me how to better 
use the X config tools on netinstall?  The correct configuration just 
magically appears in Ubuntu.

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