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Re: Automatic removing of unneeded .deb files?

MB wrote:

> Matej Cepl wrote:
>>I am trying to keep some order in my /var/cache/apt/archives/ and while
>>doing that I have not found a way how *automatically* clean this directory
>>of all unneeded .deb files. I mean, I have tested many packages which I
>>have later found unnecessary. I know that these will eventually be
>>autocleaned by aptitude (because they won't get refreshed while upgrading
>>and they will eventually get obsolete), but I would love to have some more
>>instant solution. Did anybody create a script which would erase
>>from /v/c/a/a/ all .deb files which are not currently installed?
>>Yes, I know I can do this with little scripting of 'aptitude search', but
>>call me lazy I would love to have already done solution.
>>Thanks a lot for any response,
> Hello,
> If you issue an
> apt-get clean
> it will clean out the cached files.  I believe that you can set this in
> /etc/apt/apt.conf as well to do this every time you run apt.

That will clean _all_ the cached files.

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