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Re: uptime

On 2005-Nov-09 (Wed) at 07:54 (-0600), Willie McKemie wrote:

>> This is not laptop specific, but.....
>> -- 
>> Willie, ONWARD!  Through the fog!
>> http://counter.li.org Linux registered user #228836 since 1995
>> FOUL! My uptime counter "rolled over" to 0 at about 497 days 11/6/2005
>> Actual uptime is about 497 days plus amount listed below
>> Debian3.0/GNU/Linux system uptime  2 days 18 hours 34 minutes


   Yes, this has happened to me also.

   Note that 2^32 hundredths-of-a-second = 497.1027 days,
   which seems like a plausible explanation of what happened.

   It's also the case that the CPU time of a process rolls over
   after the same period of time (497+ days).  Yes, this has happened
   to me.  Really.

   Hah! -- whoever designed such short time limits?
   O they of little faith!

Cheers, Joseph

Joseph Manning / Computer Science / UCC Cork Ireland / manning@cs.ucc.ie

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