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Re: Freezing, SMP Kernel and P4

On Wed, 09 Nov 2005, David R. Litwin wrote:
> I have a multithreading processor. After doing more research, I finaly
> figured out that the smp is the kernel for me.

Only if it runs whatever you like to do with your computer faster than a
non-SMP kernel.  SMT (multithreading) is not always faster.

> So, I highly doubt that it is this which is causing the freezing. This

It is unlikely that a SMP kernel would cause a freeze *directly*.  BUT SMP
is known to cause badly written/buggy code to show its ugly face, so it is
very possible indeed that something in your kernel is objecting highly to
the SMP.

Are you using ATI or nVidia proprietary kernel modules?  If so, get rid of
them and see if the crash goes away.  If it does, you know where to direct
your complains.

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