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Re: 16 mb problem

Tony Godshall wrote:
According to Terje Andersen,
Tony Godshall wrote:
Anyhow, if the laptop is to be on a network, you might
consider running all your apps on a nearby host and using
the laptop as a terminal... the lightest way to do it 
would be to use the kernel frame buffer device and fbvnc on
the laptop (and realvncserver or tightvncserver on the
nearby host).
Just a tip; instead of VNC based GUI Terminal, try FreeNX 
(http://freenx.berlios.de). If you have a network connection with speeds 
=56Kbps, then you can work remotely, but with a near local speed 

Does it let you disconnect and reconnect to a running
session like VNC does?  
Yes, it does. (with the 1.5.0 libraries)
I'd suggest you provide the tip too to the person who asked
the question.




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