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Re: Running DHCP once wpa_supplicant associates with an AP?

Joe Emenaker wrote:

Luca Pireddu wrote:

I use ifplugd to bring my network devices up and down.

Wow. That did the trick.

All I had to do was add "eth1" (my laptop's wifi interface) to /etc/default/ifplugd's list of managed interfaces.

Now, my only problem is that I get a long pause of about 30-40 seconds when ifplugd starts up.

To diagnose the problem, I added a script to /etc/ifplugd/action.d which notes the time and the interface and whether it's being brought up or down. The result was:

16:05:24 - eth0 (wired) up
16:06:24 - eth1 (wireless) up
16:06:41 - eth0 (wired) down

This happens even when I put wpasupplicant before ifplugd in my rc2.d...

Does anyone else get this long pause when using ifplugd on their wireless?

Also, is there a way to keep ifplugd from initially bringing up the interfaces? I thought the whole point was for it to only bring them up when it saw a link. What's this "bring it up and then bring it back down" business?

- Joe

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