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Re: softwre suspend 2 -- getting closer...

hey great,
On 10/31/05, Joao Lourenco <Joao.Lourenco@di.fct.unl.pt> wrote:

> The suspend2 patches apply cleanly to the debian
> linux-sources-2.6.12.  I'll try today with 2.6.14...

if you get it working with 1.6.14 that'd be great as 2.6.14 has an
updated acpi which might work with my laptop...  I rather doubt it
will work though, when I tried 2.2.-rc8-for-2.6.14-rc3, it wouldn't
apply even against the upstream 2.6.14 source.  But maybe I was just
plain screwed up...

> Then I use the following command line to generate a new kernel
> make-kpkg --rootcmd fakeroot \
> --append-to-version -`date +%Y-%m-%d`  kernel_image

ok.  about what I do.
> and it just works.

hmm.  not for me though!

> Well, as there is no initrd, there are a few things we have to include
> in the kernel base image instead of modules, such as the ide device
> driver, support for ext3, etc.

yes, got most of those at this stage I think.

> If necessary, I'll be happy to post my .config here...

that would be really great, thanks!  It would at least be another data
point. Also if you can remember at all whether you had to modify any
system scripts at all, that would be super.

thanks much,


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