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Re: Mounting local filesystems: failed!

Hi Dominique,

I've had some interesting problems with partitions not being detected on
devices sometimes. With *slow* usb devices like a zip drive this is a
big problem, but even usb sticks are sometimes a hassle.

So when I insert the device, it creates /dev/sda but not /dev/sda1 for
the partitions in it

My workaround is to:

1) insert the device
2) use fdisk to detect the partition table

   fdisk /dev/sda    

3) then mount

and as a result of (2), I get the /dev/sda1 device node created. I'm
pretty sure I read of better tools for doing this than fdisk (chkpart or
something) but I obviously didn't bookmark that site and haven't turned
up anything on google.

hope that helps


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