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Re: How does one control fans?

Koen Vermeer said...
> On Fri, 2005-10-14 at 22:17 +0200, Frank wrote:
> > I guess he means the driver saying which kind of cpu-frequency-scaling to use. 
> > E. g. I have an AMD Turion processor, so I use powernow_k8. I don't know 
> > which processor you have and which module corresponds to it.
> Yes, something like that. The processor driver is the one that knows how
> to do the frequency scaling. The governor tells the processor driver
> what is should do, but it has no knowledge about how to do this.

I'm going to try them all, one at a time, during boot - surely there 
must be an easier way! I'm also going to try compiling the kernel with 

Then it'll be time to sort the modem and the Nvidia card. What larks!


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