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Re: CDROM problem!

I got around this by installing with the SATA in "compatible" mode - this made it appear as a PATA device.  Once installed and a new kernel setup I changed it back without any problems (remembering to change root from hda to sda).

On Tue, 2005-09-27 at 17:20 -0300, Arlindo Sierra Neto wrote:
I'm Trying to install Debian Testing on my Acer Travelmate 4654.
The problem is that the CDROM is connected on the SATA controller and de 
HD is connected on the PATA controller.
The Debian-Installer don't recognize my cdrom. Even if I load first of 
all ata_piix. It only finds my hard drive.
It has a ICH6 chipset.

Does anyone could help me?


Sorry about my poor english

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