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Linux-Mobile-Guide: new issue 3.17


a new issue of the Linux-Mobile-Guide is available. This guide covers
laptop, notebook, PDA and mobile (cell) phone related Linux features, such
as installation methods (via network interface, without CD/DVD drive,
etc.), hardware features (PCMCIA, IrDA, BlueTooth, APM, ACPI, etc.) and
configurations for different environments.


There are different formats (HTML, IPK for Linux PDAs) available


3.17 28 August 2005:

Some more tools were added to the external monitor/projector section, a link
to Zaurus Development with Damn Small Linux was added to the cross-compile
section, some additions about acoustic management for hard disks were added,
references to X.org were added to X11 sections, a link to laptop-mode-tools
was added, some URLs were updated and some minor changes were made.

License: GNU Free Documentation Licence

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