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RE: Kernel, modules and GCC format (was Kernel and modules configuration optimized for IBM ThinkPad R50e)

>On Saturday 20 August 2005 18:41, Gorjanc Gregor wrote:
>> Hmm, I installed Debian via debian-installer directly as testing. So I
>> assume GCC 4 came as default. Since everything will move to GCC 4
>> sooner or later, should not I rather compile the kernel with GCC 4 than
>> modules with GCC 3.*? The last one would be easier but sooner or later
>> I will be in such position. Weird, that kernel-image-2.6.11 was built
>> with GCC 3.* and came from unstable.
> 2.6.11 is obsolete and is scheduled for removal. You're better of 
> installing the new linux-image-2.6.12 (built with gcc-4.0).
> Note however that the packaging for 2.6.12 is completely different from 
> older versions and quirks are still being worked out. That's also the 
> reason why it has not yet been announced officially.

Thanks for the tip. I will try 2.6.12, while I hope everything will be ok
compilation of modules. We will see.

Thanks to all, Gregor

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