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whereami and testmii


I wanted to call your attention to what I think is a bug in testmii or
maybe whereami, as it exists in the Ubuntu package 0.3.18.  I have
documented it partially at

Basically, if the interface is not up when testmii is run, it will fail
regardless of the link status.  So I put a check in to make sure the
interfaces is up.  You'll notice a sleep 10 in there.  That's because
ifconfig returns before the interface is actually ready to be tested.  5
was too short -- testmii will work after 5 but testarp won't.  Didn't
test to find the absolute shortest time.  It would be nice if there was
some way to force ifconfig to wait until the interface is usable before

I realize this is a Debian list, but the package info for whereami
suggests writing this list, so here I am ;)  I have a strong suspicion
that this problem exists in the debian package as well.


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