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Re: Installing on a Gericom A2 (IIyama NT310S)

Dear Mr.Aaron

I had a same problem with Iiyama NT310S.

(1) Latest Linux distributions, such as Fedora Core 2,3,4, SUSE, can be installed with bootable USB CD-ROM, but they are slightly heavy for NT310S.

(2) At installing older distributions of Linux, keyboard becomes dead. However, you can use USB keyboard to skip such problem. At the completion of installation, keyboard on PC becomes active again.

(3) At installing many older distributions of Linux, USB CD-ROM becomed "not recognized" after the intial boot. You can install Lasor Linux without such problems, however, you cannot install Turbo, Vine, Red Hat etc.

(4) To avoid USB CD-ROM problem, you need to use both of bootable USB CD-ROM drive and card-bus CD-ROM drive. After the intial boot, USB CD-ROM may not be recognised, however, card-bus CD-ROM becomes recognised, then you can continue installing. (Of course, you have to set the install CD from USB CD-ROM drive to card-bus CD-ROM drive.)

(5) After some attempts, I installed Vine 2.6 and 3.1 by using USB keyboard, USB CD-ROM drive and card-bus CD-ROM drive. After the installation, you do not need neither CD-ROM drives and USB keyboards at all.

I hope your good luck!


Naoki Ogawa

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