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yacpi alpha version needs testers

I am the author of the acpi monitoring tool yacpi.
It can display various stuff like battery status, ac status,
cpu govenor, cpu frequency and other goodies.
It is for textmode linux and uses the ncurses library.
To compile it you have to install libncurses5-dev.

I write to this list cause I made some code cleanup and
fastened up the execution for a double...
What I don't know is if that broke the support for multiple
batteries, cause I have only one to test.

Please help me testing this version:

and report bugs and annoyances...
Please forward this mail to people who you know and who are
interrested in a program like this.
Thank you guys!
Regards Nico

Nico Golde - JAB: nion@jabber.ccc.de | GPG: 0x73647CFF
http://www.ngolde.de | http://www.muttng.org | http://grml.org 
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