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xorg,xv,trident cyber9397DVD ,thinkpad770x

I'm running debian unstable and I often upgrade my laptop. I replaced my
xfree86 with xorg and now mplayer can't use xv and only x11 works. 

xvinfo shows that that the maximum xvimage is 1024 x 1024 however I'm usong
1280x1024 resolution . I tried 1024 x 768 . Mplayer can run with xv with
this resolution but X looks bad. Everything is big and the fonts are also
big and ugly.

Why is xfree86 better in handling xv? Isn't xorg supposed to be just a newer
version of xfree? Is there a way to change the Maximum xvimage ?

I tried googing but the results are not that helpful.


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